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Diego Rivera Prints

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Diego Rivera Prints   Diego Rivera Prints
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Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera

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Diego Rivera Paintings

Diego Rivera (1886-1957) studied painting in Europe between 1907 and 1921. He returned to his beloved native country of Mexico in 1921 and was at the forefront of the country’s revival of mural painting. Initially, upon his return, he concentrated largely on creating frescos portraying the history and social problems of Mexico. Commonly referred to as a painter of the people and for the people, Diego Rivera held fast to his firm belief that art could be used to bring attention to matters that need to be addressed. He was married to the artist Frida Kahlo.

Diego Rivera is known as a Mexican social realist muralist whose famous monumental frescoes gave life to revolutionary themes, a subject close to his heart. Diego Rivera paintings focus specifically on social issues and the hardships of everyday life. His art also champions the causes of the oppressed. He was an artist who used his work politically to speak for the underprivileged masses in his home land of Mexico.

Diego Rivera paintings, including his portraits, were also used to make personal and political statements. He was a Communist and consequently, many of his paintings expressed his belief that Communism would better the plight of the poor people in his homeland. He believed that Communism, if widely accepted in Mexico, would bring about many beneficial crucial changes, such as helping rid his country of its desperate poverty.

Moreover, Diego Rivera was a talented printmaker, sculptor and book illustrator. His artwork is hung in museums around the world. Some of the most famous Diego Rivera paintings include: Peasants and Nude with Calla Lilies.

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