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Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo

Frida's Column
Frida's Column

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

Life with Frida

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were married twice during their love affair, which included numerous outside affairs from both parties. Regardless of this, Frida Kahlo was Diego Rivera’s one true love through everything.

The first encounter between the two soul mates occurred in 1922. Rivera, at the age of 36, already a much celebrated artist, was painting his first mural in the amphitheater of the National Preparatory School. Kahlo, part Jewish, part German, part Spanish and part Indian, was a student at the school who watched the artist with much interest. At the young age of 15, she knew what she wanted; she confided in a friend “my ambition is to have a child by Diego Rivera. And I am going to tell him someday.”

Kahlo did her best to get Rivera’s attention, including taunting him, playing pranks, and calling him names like “old fatso.” She also tried to insult one of his models, Guadalupe Marin, whom he was courting at the time. But, Marin became Rivera’s second wife and bearer of his two daughters. Meanwhile, Kahlo was involved in a horrific car accident in which her spine, pelvis, collarbone, and right leg were broken and her right foot was crushed. For several months she was confined to a body cast and spent her time in the hospital honing her art skills.

After several years, Kahlo regained her mobility and tracked down Rivera working at the Ministry of Education. She asked him to critique a painting she brought with her to show him; she wanted to know if he thought she could earn a living as an artist. At this time, Rivera was divorced from Guadalupe Marin and became attracted to Kahlo. They were soul mates on several levels, from art to their political interest in Communism. A few days after her first visit, they had their first kiss.

Kahlo’s father had observed the lovers silently, and with a partial blessing, Rivera, 42, and Kahlo, 22, were married for the first time on August 21, 1929. In 1939, the couple separated but were quickly reunited after a year apart. They remarried in a civil ceremony on December 8, 1940, on Diego’s 54th birthday.

Unfortunately, Kahlo’s ambition to have a child with Diego never came to be. She suffered one miscarriage and had an abortion due to the position of the fetus. Rivera continued his lifelong habit of extramarital affairs in which Kahlo simply looked the other way. She too, however, had a number of affairs with both men and women, including Leon Trotsky.

Kahlo’s last public appearance came in 1954 as she and Rivera participated in a demonstration protesting CIA involvement in the ouster of Guatemalan president. On July 13, 1954, Frida Kahlo died at the age of 47.

Rivera and Kahlo’s relationship had begun with art and continued to flourish with the art that brought them together.

Frida Kahlo
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